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Nappy Blocks


Modern wraps may be pull on or fastened with velcro or poppers. The fabrics used are both breathable and waterproof. They are generally available in a range of sizes to fit as your infant grows. They are readily available from many different companies and offer a wide choice of designs and colours. It is advisable to get a total of nine wraps, i.e. three of each size, small, medium and large.  Cost from £7.50 each.


Liners can make life easier, especially when used after weaning.  There is a choice of washable or flushable.

Washable Liners

Made from fleece or silk, they are light weight to use and cost from as little as 60p

Flushable Liners

Made from paper, they are biodegradable and can be flushed away. Usually sold in rolls of 100. The cost is around £2 a roll.

Some high street shops also offer ‘one way liners' -please note that these are not suitable for flushing away, however, if they are just wet can be washed and reused several times.


Some infants may need an extra absorbency layer, and that's when a booster liner is required. These may be made from hemp, micro terry, organic cotton or bamboo.  Cost from around £1 each.

Nappy Nippas

These are a T-shaped device with hooks that can be used to fasten a nappy instead of the traditional nappy pins. They are much safer and easier to use. Cost around £1.30 each.

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