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The real cost of real nappies!

Nappy Scales

The cost of using real nappies will depend greatly on what type of nappy you decide to use and the quantity that you need.

Flat nappies are the cheapest option and it would be possible to obtain all the nappies and accessories that you require from around £110.  Shaped nappies are more likely to cost around £150.  Several retailers offer ‘birth to potty real nappy starter packs' at a cost of around £200.

It is advisable to try several different designs and styles before you make an investment in the nappy system that you want. Some companies offer trail packs where you hire a variety of nappy styles.

Although the initial costs of purchasing real nappies can be quite an investment, some parents start buying stuff little by little so that there isn't a lot of outlay all at one time.

Pembrokeshire County Council are offering a cashback scheme subsidy of up to £60, once the baby is born.  This will make the initial cost less noticeable.

ID: 17809 Revised: 25/4/2017