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Why use real nappies?

Nappy Piggy Bank

Save money

Having your first baby is a very exciting time but it can be a financial worry!

Disposable nappies can cost on average £5-£10 a week, which is literally thrown in the bin!

Using real nappies could save as much as £500 over a birth to potty period (approximately 2½ years).  Once you have invested in real nappies all nappy changes are free! The savings are even greater if you reuse them on further siblings.  Real nappies are becoming increasingly popular, so once you have finished with them they can be sold on (the second hand resale value is good). 

Helping the environment

From birth to potty a baby can get through as many as 5,000 nappies. The Council disposes of some seven million nappies a year at a cost of approximately £100,000 in disposal and landfill taxes. Each soiled nappy can contain around 100 live viruses that can live for approximately two weeks after being disposed of and a disposable nappy can take hundreds of years to biodegrade. The World Health Organisation has recognised the seriousness of nappy waste and has called for an end to "the inclusion of urine & faecal matter in landfill sites".

However, using real nappies will reduce the amount of waste sent for disposal!

A healthier option

Nowadays, real nappies are breathable and mainly made from natural fibres such as cotton, bamboo and hemp. Some contain naturally anti bacterial properties. They do not contain any chemicals or absorbent gels that could be harmful to a baby's' delicate skin.


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