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Orange Bag Recycling Scheme

Orange Bag It !

The Orange Bag Recycling Scheme has been operational since 2005, covering the whole of Pembrokeshire.


Orange bag recycling will be collected every week on the same day and time as your food waste collection.

While we actively encourage residents to reduce and reuse their waste another way of preventing waste from ending up in landfill is to recycle.

Recycling points for glass, cans, paper and textiles have been in use for some time but it is only recently that a recycling scheme has been available from the kerbside.

What can I put inside the orange bag?

At this moment in time we can only accept the following materials:

What happens to the orange bags once they are collected?

  1. Lorry enters the materials recycling facility at Withyhedge to discharge the load
  2. Once emptied a team of operatives slice open the bags allowing the recyclate to fall loose on the floor. The orange bags are then baled before being recycled.
  3. The loose recyclate is piled high before a telescopic loader collects it by the bucketful before depositing it into a hopper.
  4. The recyclate is transported via a conveyor belt on to a picking line where the materials are sorted into individual piles in a bay below.
  5. The sorted materials are then transported into a separate hopper where another conveyor belt allows it to fall into a baling machine.
  6. The bales are then stored before being transported to the respective markets.

Why has my orange bag been left outside my home when all the others in the street have been collected?

Your bag has been black tagged. This means it contains materials that are not meant to be included in the orange bag. If you include items that are not recyclable it contaminates the rest of the bag. The bag will be left outside your property to allow you to remove the offending items and place the bag back out for collection the following week.

I’ve run out of orange bags, do I have to buy some more?

No. We want to encourage the use of the orange bag scheme and to do this, we will provide householders involved in the scheme with more orange bags as and when required. All you have to do is place the ‘more bags please’ white tag out with your orange bags when your reserves start getting a little low and we will deliver a new roll to your doorstep. These tags were included with the recycling information pack you received prior to the scheme beginning in your area. Please ensure you leave your contact details on the tags.

"If you do not have a white tag, you can ask for more bags by phoning the contact centre on: 01437 764551 or by collecting them from one of the locations listed here

Please do not abuse this by using the orange bags for your normal refuse, if you have used your allocation of black bags. Orange bags are for recycling only.

Acrobat Reader IconOrange Bag Recycling Scheme Booklet (download 699k)

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