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Black Sack Information

Following the Cabinet decision last year in response to the significant funding pressures, Pembrokeshire County Council no longer supplies black sacks to householders for disposing of their general "non-recyclable" rubbish.  Instead residents are now required to supply their own bags for such waste, which can readily be obtained from supermarkets, corner shops, hardware stores etc. The sacks used by householders when presenting their rubbish for collection do not necessarily have to be black but should be approximately the same size as previously supplied,  i.e. standard black dustbin liners. Sacks of other sizes e.g. carrier bags, dumpy sacks, etc are not acceptable.

Householders are under a legal Duty of Care to ensure their waste is securely contained and prevented from escaping or being attacked by gulls etc. up until the point at which it is picked by the Council.  Accordingly bags should be securely tied to prevent the waste from escaping and be strong enough to hold the waste that is carried from their property and thrown into the collection vehicle.  Consideration also needs to be given as to whether any measures are necessary to protect their waste, such as covering with an old blanket, to prevent the bags being attacked and ripped open.  Where a householder secures waste in a bin at the kerbside for collection, the waste inside must also be bagged so that it can be lifted out by the collector.  Sacks that are too heavy to be readily lifted by a collector will be left. 

The Council continues to supply residents with orange recycling sacks and food waste bags in order to allow households to recycle as much as possible and these sacks must only be used for the wastes intended.

Failure to comply with any of the above requirements is likely to lead to waste being left on the kerbside and increased litter and could result in enforcement action being taken against offending residents.


ID: 33442 Revised: 18/4/2017