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Road sewers and gullies
Sewers beneath public roads are owned and maintained by a number of organisations to discover which drains are owned by these various organisations contact the domestic pollution team.

Defective rainwater drainage
Defective rainwater drains are the responsibility of the owner of the property. If the complaint is concerned with rented property then it would be an issue for housing, or housing repairs depending on the owner of the property. If the problem is occurring between two privately owned houses then the nuisance would be investigated by the domestic pollution team.

Leaking water overflow pipes
Should be reported to your local water supplier. This is Welsh Water for Pembrokeshire.

Cross-drainage connection
It is illegal for foul waste pipes (waste from toilet, kitchen or bathroom) discharge into a surface water drainage system (intended for just rainwater disposal. Pembrokeshire Environmental Health can require re-routing of the illegal connections.

Other drains

  • If you own your own home and the defective drain serves only your property, then you are responsible for the maintenance and clearance of all blockages that arise. You are responsible for all sections of drainage both above and below ground right up to the point of connection with the main sewer in the road.

  • If you own your own home and the drain is shared with other homes and the houses were built after October 1937, then responsibility for repairing the shared parts of the defective drain is shared by owners of the homes that share the drain.

  • If you own your own home and the drain is shared with other homes and the houses were built before October 1937, then Welsh Water are responsible for repairing the parts of the drains that are shared. Please note that homeowners are still responsible for any drains or pipes that are not shared (usually seen above ground where the waste pipes end).

Tenants are rarely responsible for carrying out repairing defective drains. Tenants should report any defect to their landlord or agent if this does not remedy the situation, please contact the Council.


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