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Private Water Supplies


Private water supplies are any supplies that are not provided by a statutory water undertaker or a licensed water supplier, such as Dwr Cymru Welsh Water.  There are about 170 commercial premises and 839 domestic premises in Pembrokeshire using private water supplies.

The Private Water Supplies (Wales) Regulations 2010 came into force on 4th February 2010 (the Regulations). The Regulations apply to all private water supplies providing 10m3/day or more; or serving 50 or more persons and to all private water supplies, irrespective of their size, that are part of a commercial or public activity such as bed and breakfast establishments. These are referred to as 'large supplies' and there are approximately 170 within Pembrokeshire. Private water supplies providing less than 10m3/day; or serving less than 50 persons, provided that they are not part of a commercial or public activity, are referred to as 'small supplies'.

Private water supplies can be obtained from a number of sources including:

All private water supplies can pose a threat to health unless they are properly protected and treated. You may not be able to tell if your water is safe as contamination may not show by smell, taste or colour of the water.

You should find out as much as you can about your private water supply including;

The Regulations place a duty on local authorities to carry out a risk assessment every five years and to monitor regularly all large supplies in accordance with specified frequencies to determine compliance with the standards. There are two types of monitoring for large supplies - 'check monitoring' which is carried out on relatively frequently for a few very important parameters and 'audit monitoring' which is carried out less frequently for the remaining parameters

Users of a supply to a single dwelling are exempt from these new Regulations but can ask the local authority to carry out a risk assessment and/or monitoring and, if they do so, the local authority must comply with the request.

All private water supplies, large and small, are required to meet the standards in the Regulations. When the monitoring carried out by a local authority detects a failure to meet a standard, the local authority must carry out an investigation to determine the cause of the failure and, unless it is trivial and unlikely to recur, then ensure that appropriate action is taken to remedy the cause so that the standard is met.

A private distribution system (this is a mains water onward distribution system) usually conveys water to individual premises within a site, for example, holiday campsites, private estates etc. In such cases the site owner or manager, not the water undertaker, is responsible for the supply which is provided to premises through a private distribution system and for the quality of the water supply at consumer's taps. The number of private distribution systems in Pembrokeshire is still to be determined.

A local authority may charge for certain activities to recover the reasonable cost of providing the service as specified in the Regulations agreed by Cabinet in January 2015. These charges are:


Initial Risk Assessment (RA)


Sampling visit & subsequent RA

(*note - analytical fees are extra and passed on to customer, please see below)


Investigation (each investigation)


Granting an Authorisation (each authorisation)


Analytical Fees-

taken under regulation 10:

Bacteriological Sample (B)

Audit Sample (A)

Check Sample (C)



Audit  and Check (AC) taken together


25 (max allowed)



72 + 16.17 = 88.17 (C+B= Total)


137 + 16.17 = 150.17

(AC +B = Total)


Advice on water quality can be found on the following web site


Any queries on Private Water Supplies please contact the Pollution Control Team.

Pollution Control Team
County Hall
SA61 1TP
Tel: 01437 764551

Email: pollution.control@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

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