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Depending on who you ask dogs can be mans best friend or the biggest problem affecting their community.

Most dog owners are responsible and caring and will always ensure that their dogs are well looked after, never cause any bother and never allowed to foul in public without cleaning up after them . They keep their dog under control at all times (whether on or off the lead), and make sure their pet never strays.

Of course on occasion pets can escape, however stray dogs not only put themselves at significant risk but also road users and members of the public. Furthermore, in the countryside, a farmer is entitled to shoot a stray dog if he fears it may attack livestock.

In order to tackle these and many other issues the Council employs three full time Dog Wardens to enforce a range of dog control measures throughout the County.

The Dog Control Service receives approximately 2000 service requests each year covering a range of dog control issues, including: -

 You may contact the Dog Control service by phone, letter or email, the contact details for all services are as follows:

By Phone: 01437 764551

By Email: Dogcontrol@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Postal Address:

Domestic Public Health and Housing Team
Pembrokeshire County Council
County Hall
SA61 1TP

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