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Pre-application advice

The Town and County Planning (Pre-Application Services) Wales Regulations 2016 requires all Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) in Wales to provide a statutory pre-application service.

 We have produced a guidance note on the service which can be downloaded below:

Pre-application advice guide

To use this service, enquirers must submit a completed pre-application advice enquiry form along with all information necessary to enable the LPA to assess the proposal and provide an appropriately detailed response. This form can be downloaded below:

Statutory Pre-application Enquiry form

A fee will be payable by the enquirer. Without receiving the appropriate fee, pre-application advice will not be provided. Details of the fees can be found here:

Pre-application fee table

Pre-Application Consultation

Guidance on Pre-application Consultation

Detailed guidance on the requirement for pre-application consultation under Section 17 of the Planning Wales Act 2015 is contained in Annex 1.

It is important to note that whilst the provisions contained within the DMPWO for pre-application consultation in respect of applications for major development will come into force in March 2016 the requirement for applicants to submit the pre-application consultation report (PAC) will not be a validation requirement for applications made before 01 August 2016.

This transition period will allow prospective applicants who will be submitting after the 01 August to undertake pre-application consultation, and will place a duty on statutory consultees to provide substantive responses within 28 days to these requests. However, it will not prejudice applicants who are due to imminently submit a planning application, and would find that it would not be valid because the statutory requirements of the pre-application process have not been undertaken.

Pre-app enquiries should be sent to:
Development Management, County Hall, Haverfordwest, SA61 1TP



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