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Direct Payments

What are direct payments?

Direct payments are designed to give you more independence, choice and control, in order to help you manage your own life in your own home. If you are:

  • Physically or sensory impaired
  • Learning disabled
  • Disabled by illness
  • A carer
  • A parent or guardian of a disabled child
  • Over 65 years of age
  • A disabled 16 or 17 year old,

Who can receive direct payments?

You may be eligible to receive money through the direct payments scheme from Social Care Services to purchase your own support privately.

To receive direct payments you must be:

  • Assessed as eligible for help from Social Care, or already receiving support from them
  • Willing and able to manage the direct payments either alone or with assistance.

Who can I employ?

With direct payments you can pay an agency to provide the support you want or employ your own staff. A support service will be provided by the Diverse Cymru. They can help with the recruitment of staff, and their ‘management’, if you need it.

How can I support my Personal Assistant in their role?

Care Council for Wales has created an online toolkit to help direct payments employers support their Personal Assistants' to develop their skills and knowledge. The Employer toolkit for supporting the learning of personal assistants is aimed at people who employ or are considering employing a personal assistant through direct payments. The toolkit provides guidance, practice examples and practical tools to help you support your Personal Assistants to gain the skills they need to be confident and competent in their roles.

To access the toolkit visit

Will direct payments affect my benefits?

A direct payment is not a benefit and does not affect your benefits.

You may also be able to use direct payments for short periods of respite care. You do not need to have direct payments for all of your services, you can have them for part of your support. The CHOICE and CONTROL is yours.

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Direct Payments Information

Guide to Managing Direct Payments

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