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Foster Carer’s Children


We recognise that being the child of a foster carer can be difficult at times, but can also be very fun.

We always tell our foster carers that fostering is a family task, and that if their children are not comfortable with the idea of being in a foster family, they must always consider this carefully before deciding to foster.

Being the child of a foster carer has it's ups and downs, and sometimes you need advice on how to cope with certain difficult situations. We want to make sure that you enjoy the rewards of being part of a foster family, but that you can deal with things when they get a bit more tough. We also want to make sure that you have a voice, and that you are listened to.

What is it like being part of a foster family?

For further information please contact:

Pembrokeshire Fostering,
Family Placement Team,
Customer Service Centre
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