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Radon Gas

Pembrokeshire is a radon affected area. These are designated areas of the Country where more than 1% of dwellings have a radon level of 200 becquerels per cubic meter of air.

What is radon gas?

Radon is found in many parts of the UK. It is a naturally occurring radioactive gas which enters dwellings through cracks and fissures within the subsoil. High concentrations of radon gas can be found in some homes. Health studies indicate that there is an increase risk of lung cancer when residents are exposed to high concentrations of radon over a lifetime.

Where a property is found to have higher than expected levels of radon gas it is strongly recommended that remedial works are undertaken to reduce the levels.

The solution can be quite simply but much depends on the radon level and the construction of the property.

What is the Action Level for Radon?

Radon risk reports giving an indication of the probability that a dwelling/building has levels of radon above the Action Level, can be purchased online from the Ukradon website

Help with costs

Grant assistance may be available from Pembrokeshire County Council for undertaking remedial work subject to means and eligibility.

Testing for radon gas

The government recommends that people living in a radon affected area test their houses for radon. There is a simple test available, which costs approximately £43.70 and takes 3 months to complete.

Further information on testing and remedial works is available from the Ukradon website and the Health Protection Agency (opens new window) and the Council's Domestic Public Health team.

Contact information:

If you would like to find our more or require any advice please contact

Mr David Petrie (01437) 775616

Or write to: Domestic Public Health Team, 2nd Floor North Wing, Pembrokeshire County Council, County Hall, Haverfordwest, SA61 1TP.

Health Protection Agency 0800 61 45 29

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