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Pembrokeshire Archives has produced a series of topic lists on various subjects. They should be used as an introduction to the topic only. They are not a definitive guide to the records in the office. Please click on the link below to download a copy of the topic list and User Guide.

Summary of Main Collections (download 363k)

Users` Guide to Pembrokeshire Record Office  

Family History (download 256k)

House History (download 248k)

Maps at the Pembrokeshire Record Office

Second World War in Pembrokeshire (download 307k)

Fishing and Fisheries in Pembrokeshire (download 303k)

Shipping in Pembrokeshire (download 299k)

Coal Mining in Pembrokeshire (download 382k)

Slate Industry in Pembrokeshire (download 1054k)

Lime Industry in Pembrokeshire (download 342k)

Oil Industry in Pembrokeshire (download 347k)

Pembrokeshire Militia (download 956k)

Pembroke Yeomanry (download 701k)

Overseers of the Poor in Pembrokeshire (download 716k)

Parliament and Politics in Pembrokeshire (download 294k)

Pembrokeshire and the World (download 328k)

Railways of Pembrokeshire (download 502k)

Map of Pembrokeshire Parishes (download 789k) 


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