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Blue Flag Beaches - Newgale


A 4km wide sandy beach, towards the north of St. Brides Bay. It faces the Atlantic and is popular with surfers and windsurfers. Between the beach and the road is a high bank of pebbles, called a 'storm beach'. They were cast up by a terrible storm in the early 19th century. The sand is level and hard packed. At low tide the sea is about 200m from the top of the beach, at high tide it laps against the pebbles. The village, at the north end of the beach, has two shops, a café and a public house. A narrow bridge carries the St. David’s road, A487, over a stream. Beside it is a separate footbridge, wide enough for a wheelchair or an electric scooter. Near the bridge is a boardwalk, up and over the pebbles, but a couple of steps are the only access to it. The nearby public toilet doesn't have a 'disabled' facility.

At high tide, the pebbles, each one from 6cm to 20cm across, are in constant motion, agitated by the surf. Winter storms throw vast quantities of them on to the road, sometimes blocking it completely. So all references to the pebble bank in these notes, particularly height and slope, must be taken as approximate.

Reach Newgale on A487, from Haverfordwest or St. Davids. Near the pebble bank, turn on to the coast road, towards Nolton Haven. Three car parks are available. The first one is immediately on your right. It has a rough surface of loose stones and two 'disabled' spaces surfaced with tarmac. Beside the 'disabled' spaces is a RADAR key toilet, outside it is a drinking water tap and a drinking fountain. Two boardwalks run up to the top of the pebbles, ending in level viewing platforms. The boardwalk nearer the car park entrance has the steeper slope and the smaller platform, big enough for three wheelchairs. The one nearer to the toilet block has a gentle incline and could accommodate eight chairs. Neither platform has access to the sand, other than by scrambling down the pebble bank. There is an ice cream seller in the holiday season.

The second car park is also on the right, only a few yards past the first. The surface is rough, there are no facilities, but it is above the level of the pebbles. So it gives a view of the beach from the car but no access to the beach for anyone with even slightly impaired mobility.

The last car park is on the left, a quarter of a mile further on. It is large, level and has a good tarmac surface. Nearby is the ‘Pebbles’ café and shop which is reached by climbing a short, fairly steep tarmac slope. Facing the road is a public toilet with five steps for access and without a 'disabled' facility. Across the road is a lifeguard's hut with an almost level boardwalk to a viewing platform at the top of the pebbles. A length of boardwalk slopes steeply, about 12m-15m down the pebbles, towards the sand but stops about 5m short. So again, the only way down is by scrambling.

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