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Pembrokeshire Food and Drink Directory

Pembrokeshire Food and Drink Directory

Pembrokeshire is a natural larder when it comes to the variety, quality and taste of its produce.

The Pembrokeshire Food and Drink Directory provides a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide of food and drink producers in the county, ranging from primary producers, to those offering exciting added-value options. The Directory also includes information on retailers, wholesalers and distributors of the products.

Locally produced food and drink can play a key role in raising the profile of your business and the county as a whole. Now, sourcing this produce has never been easier.

We hope you will find this directory can inspire your cuisine, increase your regional choice, add value to your menu, and delight your customers.

Pembrokeshire Produce Mark

Food and Drink Directory in Sections (PDF)

PDF Cover (download 4211k)
PDF Introduction (download 110k)
PDF Bakery (download 147k)
PDF Beverages and Confectionary (download 426k)
PDF Dairy (download 163k)
PDF Fish (download 206k)
PDF Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs (download 330k)
PDF Meat (download 229k)
PDF Organic (download 182k)
PDF Poultry (download 721k)
PDF Prepared Meals and Hampers (download 731k)
PDF Preserves and Sauces (download 929k)
PDF Retailers (download 340k)
PDF Wholesalers and Distributors (download 914k)

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