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Publication Scheme

Pembrokeshire County Council is committed to openness and transparency.  This Publication Scheme provides links to information that can be viewed online, and explains how to access information that is not available online.  If the information you want is not listed you can make a request for it. 

Who We Are and What We Do
What We Spend and How We Spend It
What Our Priorities Are and How We Are Doing
How We Make Decisions
Our Policies and Procedures
Lists and Registers
The Services We Offer

Who We Are and What We Do

About the Council

About us

The Constitution

Democratic and Organisational structure

Councillors' Information

Your Councillors

Committee Information

Location and Opening Times of Council Properties

Contact Centre

Customer Service Centres

Information Centres


Pembrokeshire Archives

Registration Services

Leisure Centres

Community Learning Centres


Civic Amenity Sites

Election Results

Election Results

What We Spend and How We Spend It

Financial Statements, Budgets and Variance Reports

Statement of Accounts

Elected Members' Allowances and Expenses

Members Allowances and Expenses

Staff Allowances and Expenses

Statement of Accounts

Working for the Council

Pay and Grading Structure

Pay Policy Statement

Procurement Procedures - Contracts and Tenders

Selling to Us - How We Buy

Selling to Us - Regulations

Selling to Us - Links

Tenders and Contracts

Details of Grants to the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise Sector

Community Chest  

Development Grant

South West Wales Property Development Fund

What Our Priorities Are and How We Are Doing

Annual reports/ Adroddiad blynyddol

Annual Report of the Statutory Director of Social Services

Strategies and Business Plans for Services Provided by the Council

Rural Development Plan Projects - Business Plan 1 (2007-2011)

Business Plan 2 Projects

Annual Housing Revenue Account Business Plan 2015-2045

Best Value Local Performance Plan/Internal and External Organisation Performance Reviews, Including External Audits

Improvement Review 2014-2015

Strategies Developed in Partnership with other Authorities

Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership

Social Care Workforce Development Partnership (SCWDP)

Health, Social Care & Wellbeing Commissioning Partnership

Children & Families Executive Group

Information Strategy

Measuring Success - Single Integrated Plan Monitoring Reports

Nationality Checking Service Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire Local Service Board

Safer Pembrokeshire

Comprehensive Performance Assessment

Performance Management

How We Make Decisions

Timetable of council meetings

Calendar of meetings

Agendas, Officers' Reports, Background Papers and Minutes of Council Committee, Sub Committee and Standing Forum Meetings

Meetings, agendas and minutes

Search documents

Public Consultations

Have Your Say - Current Consultations

Closed Consultations

After Consultation

Our Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures For Delivering Our Services

Information Governance

Pay Policy Statement

Pay Policy Statement

Policies and Procedures About the Recruitment and Employment of Staff

Recruitment & Selection Policy

Current Vacancies

Health and Safety Regulation


Working for the Council

Policy Statement on The Recruitment of Ex-Offenders

Equal Opportunities Statement  


Customer Service


Records Management and Personal Data Policies

Information Governance

Lists and Registers

Disclosure Logs

Information Governance

Highways, Licensing, Planning, Commons, Footpaths etc

Transport and Streets


Common Land and Village Greens

Planning and Environment

Licensing Public Register

Register of Electors

Electoral Register

The Services We Offer

Services for Members of the Public

A-Z of Council Services

Council Services

Waste and Recycling

Children and Schools

Children's Services

Public Transport

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Trading Standards

Environmental Health

Housing Benefits

Council Tax

Council Tax (2)


Building Control

Building Control (2)

Waste and Recycling

Port Health

Council Services

Information for Visitors to the Area, Leisure Information, Events, Museums, Libraries and Archive Collections

Visit Pembrokeshire

Leisure Centres



Pembrokeshire Archives

Archive Catalogue

Media Releases

Press Releases

Election Information

Voting & Elections

Electoral Register


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