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About Us

County Hall

The Council
Pembrokeshire County Council is comprised of 60 Councillors, who each represent residents in different areas of Pembrokeshire.

Councillors have a duty to serve their communities and work with Council officers to provide services to the public.

Every four years a local election takes place, where Councillors are elected to their position by residents of Pembrokeshire.

In addition to working in communities, Councillors meet together regularly as ‘the Council', where they decide overall policy and set the organisation's budget for the year.

The Cabinet
The Council elects a leader and a Cabinet is appointed, by the leader, to assist them in their work.

Ten Councillors form the Cabinet and each represents a section of the organisation.

The Cabinet meets regularly and makes decisions that are in line with Council's overall policies, with support from Council officers.

What we do:
We provide a wide range of services for residents, businesses and visitors.



  • Serve a population of over 122,000 people
  • Collect rubbish and recycling from over 59,000 households
  • Maintain 2,500 kilometres of road, 800 bridges and 15,000 street lights
  • Provide over 90 car parks with in excess of 8,000 spaces
  • Are responsible for 70 schools, providing education for more than 18,300 pupils 
  • Provide support to pupils with additional learning needs; child protection, safeguarding and youth services
  • Own and manage more than 6,500 homes
  • Provide adults with information and advice to help them to live independently in the community, as well as direct support for over 5,000 vulnerable adults
  • Develop a Local Development Plan, which we are required to review every four years, and process around 1,200 planning applications a year
  • Provide a wide range of public protection services, including environmental health, trading standards and licensing 
  • Help maintain Pembrokeshire's award winning beaches, which boast 11 Blue Flag, 13 Green Coast and 32 Seaside Awards
  • Manage the county's leisure facilities, and its libraries, museums and archives 

Further information about these services can be throughout this website.

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