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Council Tax e-Billing

Council Tax e-Billing

Choosing to receive your Council Tax bill through ‘My Account' saves you time, helps us save on postal/print costs and reduces the impact on the environment.

Sign up for e-Billing 

Benefits of e-Billing

  • It's quick, safe and secure.
  • You can view your bill or notice as soon as it is available. 
  • Each person named on the bill can receive their own copy.
  • You can check your balance, view your payment amount and due dates. 
  • No more queuing, pay from the comfort of your own home.
  • You always know where your bill is and have the option to download and print if you want to.
  • You can sign up to receive payment reminders three days before payment is due.
  • It helps us reduce postal and print costs.
  • It helps protect the environment by saving paper.

How do I sign up for e-billing?

Before you can sign up to e-Billing you must register to ‘My Account'. It takes just a few minutes to register and only seconds to opt-in for e-Billing.

Step 1: Register to My Account

Step 2: Once you have logged in, go to 'My Services' and click 'e-Billing'.

Step 3: Enter your Council tax Reference Number and click Add Council Tax Account.

If you have previously made a Council tax payment/checked your balance using My Account, we already know your Council Tax number. Therefore simply click the 'Sign Up' button to opt-in, located on the homepage of your 'My Account'.


I'm receiving an error when I verify my Council Tax number

  • The Council Tax number you entered does not match your registered address

    The property address you registered to My Account does not match the address linked to the Council Tax account. You can change your address online by clicking the ‘edit' link next to your name in 'My Account'.
  • To sign up for e-Billing please call 01437 764551 and ask for the Council Tax Team.

    The first name or surname used on your ‘My Account' does not match the information held by the Council Tax Team. For example you may have registered your ‘My Account' as John but the name held on the Council Tax Account is Jonathan. This is a common issue and can be easily rectified by calling us 01437 764551 and asking for the Council Tax Team. 
  • Sorry, our records show you are responsible for more than one Council Tax Account. You are unable to opt-in for e-Billing at this time.

    If you are responsible for more than one Council Tax Account you won't be able to opt-in to e-Billing at the moment. We are hoping to bring this online in the future.
  • Sorry e-Billing is currently unavailable, please try again later.

    This error message may be shown during system maintenance or if there is an issue with internal IT systems. We will be aware of the problem and working to get it fixed as soon as possible.

There are no downloads available?

e-Bills will be generated from the date you sign up to e-Billing. You will receive en email notification when an e-Bill is available to download. You will also get an alert on your ‘My Account' home screen when you log in.

My instalment amount or payment due date is incorrect

Please contact us on 01437 764551 and ask to speak to the Council Tax Team to discuss discrepancies on your Council Tax account.

How do I sign up for payment reminders?

To sign up for payment reminders go to 'My Services', click on e-Billing and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the switch next to Council Tax Payment reminders to opt-in.

Please note - if you are a Direct Debit customer this option will not be available.

How do I opt-out of e-billing?

You can opt-out of e-Billing in ‘My services'. Click on e-Billing and click the switch under paperless.

e-Bills received while you were opted-in for e-Billing will remain available. Go to 'My Services' and click on e-Billing then 'My Downloads'.

I've moved house, can I still access previous e-Bills?

Yes, all previous e-Bills will be available. Go to ‘My Services' and click on e-Billing then 'My Downloads'.

I am responsible for more than one Council Tax Account; can I opt in for e-Billing?

No, unfortunately it is not available for multiple accounts at this time.

Can I register for e-Billing as a business?

No, unfortunately this is not available at this time. We are however working on a ‘My Account' for Businesses and hope to have it online soon.

Download Council Tax e-Billing - Help Guide 




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