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Abandoned Vehicles

The Authority has powers under the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978 to remove vehicles that are abandoned in a place accessible to the public for common use. The Authority will pursue the cost of disposal from the last registered keeper.

You can expect:

  • We aim to tag all abandoned vehicles on land which is owned by the Council and or have public access for common use within seven days of the report and complete the removal within twenty-one days following thorough investigation.
  • We will not enter onto private land or un-adopted highways to tag vehicles. Complaints of this nature should be directed to the Police for advice.

Did you know?

The Council deals with about 500 vehicles a year and disposes of around 250.  The process is not instant, vehicles have to be tagged, the owner traced if possible and then if all fails, the vehicle is removed for disposal.

How you can help us

Help us to clean up Pembrokeshire by removing abandoned vehicles from all our public areas in our County. Let us know as soon as you notice one, simply supply us with the following essential information; registration number, make, model and colour of the vehicle and its exact location.

Whom should I contact?

Pembrokeshire County Council Customer Contact Centre 01437 764551  
ID: 5608 Revised: 12/12/2016