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In the event of a flooding incident

This document details the policy of Pembrokeshire County Council with regards to prioritising the deployment of sandbags on either a precautionary basis or during a flooding incident.

The deployment of sandbags will be prioritised on the following basis:

  1. Prevent loss of life or serious injury
  2. Protection of vulnerable populations
  3. Protection of key infrastructure i.e. electrical substations, drinking water supply, key highways, to maintain access for emergency services.
  4. Protection of key facilities and buildings within the community
  5. Protection of residential property (priority to vulnerable people )
  6. Protection of business/commercial property

The distribution and deployment of sandbags will be conducted as follow:


  • If a flood event is anticipated, Pembrokeshire County Council will endeavour to deploy sandbags to locations deemed at risk of being affected by floodwater. The distribution of sandbags will be in accordance with the priorities above and the resources available at the time (manpower & equipments), providing it is safe to do so.
  • Requests for sandbags will be received from Emergency Services and members of the public through the Contact Centre and directly to the Emergency Planning Unit or Maintenance Division.

Pembrokeshire County Council maintains a stock of sandbags but cannot guarantee the supply of sandbags to any premises nor their effectiveness.

The responsibility for the prevention of flooding and protection of private property lies with the individual owners and not the council. Residents of Pembrokeshire should not rely on the Council to respond to a threat of flooding to their property but should have in place their own flood protection plan as detailed in the Environment Agency guidance, especially those who live in identified flood risk areas

During an incident, Pembrokeshire County Council will respond to requests for emergency assistance from the public based on the above prioritisation matrix and also on the safe deployment and availability of resources.

ID: 29035 Revised: 19/12/2013