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Aiming to make cycling accessible for all  

BikeMobility was set up to enable people of all abilities to enjoy the pleasures and health benefits of cycling.  We provide opportunities for everyone to ride a bike, and have a good variety of specially designed bikes for people of differing abilities.  We are based at the County Showground in Haverfordwest.  We have our own indoor and outdoor cycle track, where you can ride bikes safely away from busy roads.  You are welcome to come and visit!

Our bikes

We have a variety of bicycles to suit all ages and abilities:

  • Handcycles - The rider powers the front wheel by hand - great for someone who finds pedalling with their legs difficult or who has coordination difficulties.
  • Trikes, Quadcycles and Go-Karts - Ideal for people who like the stability of a bike with more than two wheels.  These come with a range of support for easier cycling and in different sizes.
  • Tandems - We have several different tandems - a side by side footcycle and a tandem controlled by cyclist seated at the back.  These provide a range of opportunities for people who, with a little support, can help pedal a bike.
  • Wheelchair Transporters and Wheelchair Bikes - These are perfect for anyone who is unable to ride a bike but wants to take part in cycling.  The Wheelchair transporters in particular are excellent for those people who cannot easily move out of their own wheelchair.
  • Standard Bikes - We also have a range of standard bikes to assist with cycle refresher or cycle training courses.

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Where to find us

We are located at the County Showground, Haverfordwest. We have a marked outdoor track as well as indoor space for when there is inclement weather. 

When does BikeMobility run?

Every Monday and Thursday from 10am to 3pm.

How much will it cost?

Suggested donations per cycle session are £3 Adult / £2 Child

Getting involved

Interested in volunteering with us? We welcome new volunteers - assisting at cycle sessions, looking after our bikes, fundraising - there's plenty on offer!

To book your cycling session or for further information please call Value Independance on 01646 695785.

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