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Members of Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership


The Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership is a collection of organisations and individuals working to conserve promote and enhance biodiversity in Pembrokeshire. 

Who are the members of the Biodiversity Partnership?

The partners come from various sectors including local government, statutory bodies, non-governmental organisations like wildlife charities and interest support groups (farming, community, landowners, and education) as well as businesses.


Bluestone National Park Resort Pembrokeshire Darwin Science Festival
County Landowners Association Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust
Farmers Union of Wales Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority
Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group Pembrokeshire Local Action Network for Enterprise and Development
Keep Wales Tidy Prince’s Trust Cymru
Manor House Wildlife Park Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
National Farmers Union – Wales The National Trust
Natural Resources Wales Welsh Government
Pembroke 21C Community Association Limited The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales
Pembrokeshire County Council West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre


All members of the Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership have signed up to the following terms of reference and working guidance documents. The Structure of the partnership is outlined in the third document below.

PBP Terms of Reference  

PBP Terms of Reference - Working Guidance

PBP Structure Diagram

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