Pembrokeshire County Council

Pembrokeshire beaches gain prestigious awards

Pam Marsden and Chris Payne with Councillors Huw George, Elwyn Morse and David Pugh.

Pembrokeshire County Council is extremely proud after the county received recognition for the quality of the County's beaches this year (2014).

A total of ten beaches achieved the prestigious Blue Flag Award including Newgale, Saundersfoot and Whitesands.

The Blue Flag concentrates on the sustainable development of beaches and marinas - with awards given to beaches which have exceptional cleanliness, water quality and safety - 32 criteria elements must be met.

The Blue Flag Award is an international award and is acknowledged by 46 countries around the world. 

To be able to meet the criteria of the award Pembrokeshire has worked hard to maintain a sufficient number of lifeguards on the beaches, ensure access for wheel chair users and have first aid equipment available on all of the beaches.

Management has also played a major role in meeting the standards of the Blue Flag - the Council has established a management committee who ensure the beaches are kept clean as well as making sure toilets are provided nearby and that bins are emptied regularly.

The National Coastal Award Jury and FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) International Jury approved the Blue Flag Awards.

Many of other Pembrokeshire's beaches also received the Green Coast Award, Seaside Rural and Seaside Resort coast awards -the seaside rural and seaside resort coast awards are only run in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Beaches that cover the full varied coastline of Pembrokeshire have gained these further accolades such as Abereiddy, Broad Haven South and Nolton Haven.

Cllr David Pugh, Cabinet Member for Economy and Tourism, said:

"We are very proud to achieve these prominent awards because they show how much we value Pembrokeshire's many beauty spots which are so important for the county's tourism industry. We aim to maintain this high standard of cleanliness and safety on these beaches and hope to retain the awards next year."

Pictured are (left to right)
Pam Marsden, Director of Adult Care and Leisure, Cllr Huw George, Cabinet Member for Environmental and Regulatory Services, Chris Payne, Leisure Services Manager, Cllr Elwyn Morse, Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and Leisure, Cllr David Pugh, Cabinet Member for Economy and Tourism

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