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Art - Watercolours

To develop skills, ideas and watercolour techniques. Painting from still life, photographs and observational studies.

Art - Watercolours intermediate

To further develop skills, ideas and basic watercolour techniques. Some experience of painting in watercolour would be ideal. Looks at other artists, work and still life. Painting from photographs and studies of landscapes.

Bushcraft Spoon Carving

Safe and effective use of hand tools to produce practical wooden spoons, spatulas and ladles. This course covers: properties of suitable wood, tree identification, correct pruning & sustainable harvesting; splitting logs and preparing blanks using an axe; efficient carving techniques using a knife, axe and a crooked knife; tool maintenance/safety and after treatment of finished items.

Creative writing

This course is designed to develop the skills and confidence to succeed in all aspects of creative writing. Poetry, short story writing the novel, script writing and all aspects of fiction and non-fiction writing will be studied. Students will be encouraged to pursue their own particular interest.

ECDL - Word processing software level 1

BCS ITQ level 1 qualification in word processing software is suitable for those who have limited computer skills or have completed an introductory IT course. On this course you will learn how to use Microsoft Word and gain a Level 1 ECDL unit which can contribute to a Level 1 ECDL qualification.

History - Civil wars in West Wales 1642-1652

Explore the origins and course of the civil wars of the 17th century and their after effects. Each session will focus on the reasons for the war, its development and the characters involved. At least two sessions will involve daytime site visits.

History of Wales

This course aims to help learners understand aspects of local history, how to research and report on historical themes and understand the context of local historical studies. This course will cover aspects of local history from the Romans, Saxons and Normans, through to the Tudors and Stuarts, and the effects of the industrial revolution on the area.

Weaving spinning and dyeing

To introduce students to these crafts and to extend their skills from a complete beginner to advanced level. Suitable for anyone who has an interest in this subject.

Welsh day course - Uwch

A day course for students following Uwch (Advanced) courses. The day will consist of 3 teaching sessions over a period of 4 hours, reinforcing and extending language skills learnt on their course. Students will usually receive tuition from different tutors to their normal class.

Welsh for the Family - Entry level 1 - Mynediad 1

A first year course for beginners, two hours a week for thirty weeks. This course will help you learn Welsh with children in the family or in work. The emphasis is on learning words and phrases that you can use with children right from the start.

Welsh for the Family - Entry level 2 - Mynediad 2

A second year course for beginners, two hours a week for thirty weeks. The emphasis is very much on conversational Welsh . Discussing personal details and past events are among the topics covered. WJEC accreditation available.

Welsh taster course

Taster course

Willow basketry

Making objects and shapes from willow.

Willow Christmas decorations

Willow basketry - specifically making decorations for Christmas

Willow garden structures

Make your own garden plant supports using willow e.g. obelisks, trellis

Willow sculptures - Introduction

Introduction to weaving willow sculptures for your garden

Windows 10

Learn about the new features in Windows 10

Word processing using Microsoft Word

Do you want to produce professional documents with minimal effort? Aims to provide skills in making the most of the Microsoft WORD package and allows the user to produce documents of a high quality.


Learn how to build a website or blog in WordPress. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) and the world's leading web publishing tool. It is used in over 65 million websites and allows you to set up, build and manage professionally looking websites easily with the added bonus of being free. It is very easy to use and allows you to easily update your website from your internet browser as well as achieving good placement in the leading search engines such as Google.

Workshop - Creative and performance skills

An enjoyable day focusing on a chosen topic.
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