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Family history using a computer

An introduction to the research skills and knowledge necessary to retrieve family history information and access family history related primary source records, by the use of the internet. Designed for those wishing to continue family research using the internet. This course offers an opportunity to further develop skills in a supportive environment.

Graham Hadlow watercolour workshop

A workshop run by local artist, Graham Hadlow. Each workshop has a different theme or area of specialism i.e. Blue sky and cloud; reflections, snow scenes; winter trees; sunsets; cottages and perspective; beaches and breakers, etc...

Hedgerow basket making

To develop an interest and enjoyment in working with hedgerow material and to develop a variety of techniques

History - 20th Century

The course will include topics such as World War Two, Russian history and American Presidents from Eisenhower to Obama.

History - Civil wars in West Wales 1642-1652

Explore the origins and course of the civil wars of the 17th century and their after effects. Each session will focus on the reasons for the war, its development and the characters involved. At least two sessions will involve daytime site visits.

History - Experiences of the Great War

To explore the experiences of a number of people, including poets, artists, nurses and civilians who were involved with the Great War.

History - Heroes and villains

History - Heroes and villains To explore the lives of men and women from Wales, or who have lived in Wales, and who have had an impact upon the life of the nation. Recounting the lives and influence of characters such as Owain Glyndwr, John Callice, William Owen, Lucy Walters, Lady Charlotte Guest, Viscountess Rhondda and others.

History - Land of the Pagoda tree

To explore the beginnings of the British involvement in India from the late 16th century to 1800. The course will focus on the gradual development of trade relations between Britain and India and the commencement of British domination of the sub-continent and the exchange of ideas between cultures.

History - Local history

Various aspects of local history as defined in the course description

History - Monstrous regiment

The course title is taken from a comment by the 16th Century preacher - John Knox, who was horrified by the idea of women rulers - so we look at the successful female rulers of that period.

History - Serving the Raj

The course will explore the growth of British powers and India and the rise of Indian nationalism 1800-1947 resulting in Independence.

History of Wales

This course aims to help learners understand aspects of local history, how to research and report on historical themes and understand the context of local historical studies. This course will cover aspects of local history from the Romans, Saxons and Normans, through to the Tudors and Stuarts, and the effects of the industrial revolution on the area.

Indian Head Massage - introduction

Basic introduction to techniques for use within the family only. Techniques to include back, neck, shoulders, arms, scalp and face massage. Use of selected aromatherapy oils for scalp and face massage.

Literacy (Communication skills)

Classes for anyone over the age of 16, who want to brush up on their English. You may want to help the children with school work; prepare for a college course; gain confidence or gain qualifications to get a job or promotion at work. Accreditation is available: Agored Cymru Units and City and Guilds ESW (Essential Skills Wales) from Pre-entry Level to Level 1 or Level 2.
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