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Android 2

This course explores the new features including family sharing, Google fit app and more. This course covers how to protect privacy and other security features.

Android tablet - introduction

Would you like to know more about using the Android tablet effectively? This course will look at how to get started with the tablet, how to download and use apps, books, games, browse the web, check and write emails.

Art - Drawing & painting

To develop the potential which everyone has to draw well from observation. To teach methods of drawing which are useful for oil painting and others which relate to water colour painting. To learn oil, acrylic, gouache and water colour techniques and make finished paintings in these media.

Art - Introduction to colour theory

The course will take participants through the principles of colour theory and applying what is learnt through fine art, interior and graphic design

Art - Watercolours intermediate

To further develop skills, ideas and basic watercolour techniques. Some experience of painting in watercolour would be ideal. Looks at other artists, work and still life. Painting from photographs and studies of landscapes.

Art drawing

Teaches basic techniques of drawing through use of pencil and charcoal. Still life, portraits and landscape. Provides visual stimulation in order to encourage students to observe and develop a personal style.

Art for all

This course aims to improve your drawing, painting and observation skills in a relaxed atmosphere with as much one to one tuition as possible. Whilst learning basics, students are encouraged to express themselves as individuals.

Art mixed media

To achieve knowledge of enjoyment of painting in any chosen media or a mix of media.

Dressmaking - intermediate and advanced

For people who have some experience in dressmaking and want to improve their skills with an experienced seamstress to teach new techniques and give advice on new projects.

First aid for parents

Suitable for anyone interested in saving a life. This course will enable participants to act safely, promptly and efficiently in an emergency.

Welsh - Advanced 1 - Uwch 1

A 30 week, 2 hours a week course that continues to concentrate on oral skills and also helps you write in Welsh. Suitable for those that have completed the Canolradd course.

Welsh - Advanced 2 - Uwch 2

A 30 week, 2 hours a week course that continues to help you speak Welsh fluently, deal with Welsh in the community, television and radio and to write quite confidently. Suitable for those who have completed Uwch Dwys. Welsh speakers lacking confidence in using their Welsh are welcomed on this course. WJEC accreditation available.
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