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No School Closures Reported.
Cleddau Bridge:


The Cleddau Bridge is open to cars but closed to high sided vehicles

A High sided vehicle is any vehicle with a height in excess of 1.9m. Wind sensitive loads such as motor cycles and vehicles with roof racks should not cross the bridge when a high sided closure is in operation

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If you have queries about local authority services, phone Pembrokeshire County Council's Council Contact Centre on: 01437 764551.

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19:37 - High Tide (2.00m)
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01:00 - Low Tide (1.20m)
06:59 - High Tide (6.50m)
13:11 - Low Tide (1.20m)
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00:44 - Low Tide (1.50m)
06:47 - High Tide (7.90m)
12:55 - Low Tide (1.50m)
19:04 - High Tide (8.10m)
02:30 - Low Tide (1.10m)
08:04 - High Tide (4.40m)
14:29 - Low Tide (1.20m)
20:20 - High Tide (4.70m)