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Maidenwells Exhibition – 20th-21st May 2010

Pembrokeshire County Council recently hosted a public exhibition at Chapel Hall, Gilead Maidenwells. The purpose of the exhibition was to showpiece four outline designs prepared by consulting engineers, Atkins. All of the designs will mitigate the effects of increased traffic to and from expanding industry located on the nearby Angle peninsular. Each design will have varying levels of impact on people, ecology, property and businesses.

Residents were encouraged to view material displayed and provide PCC with comments.

The files attached summarise designs put on display.

PDF Aerial View: Option 1

PDF Aerial View: Option 1 Camviews

PDF Aerial View: Option 2

PDF Aerial View: Option 3

PDF Aerial View: Option 4

PDF General Arrangement: Option 1

PDF General Arrangement: Option 2

PDF General Arrangement: Option 3

PDF General Arrangement: Option 4

PDF View 1

PDF View 2

PDF View 3

PDF View 4


PDF Appendix A - AST Tables 

PDF Appendix B - Option Drawings 

PDF Appendix C - Traffic and Safety Appraisal Report 

PDF Appendix D - Landscape and Townscape 

PDF Appendix E - Bio Diversity 

PDF Maiden Wells Figures Part1 

PDF Maiden Wells Figures Part2 

PDF Maiden Wells Photographic Viewpoints Part1 

PDF Maiden Wells Photographic Viewpoints Part2 

PDF Public Consultation Report July 2010 

PDF WelTAG Combined Report 


Note: For further details Please contact Phil Leggett on 01437764551

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