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Pembrokeshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan

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A Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) for Pembrokeshire was first published in 2000 following UK guidance. The original plan contained detailed information on the biodiversity of Pembrokeshire including habitat descriptions. It also contained 7 Habitat and 23 Species Action Plans. An additional 4 Habitats and 9 Species Action Plans have been published since 2000 as part of a rolling programme. Many actions from these plans have been delivered by individuals, organisations, and through partnership working.

The main function of the Pembrokeshire LBAP continues to be:-
To provide a framework within which existing and new actions are co-ordinated to conserve and enhance biodiversity in Pembrokeshire, taking account of local and national priorities.

Further to the publication of the previous plan there have been several developments and new guidance made available which have led to the requirement for a full review of the Pembrokeshire LBAP to reflect these developments.

The revised Pembrokeshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan is split into 2 volumes:

Volume 1: ‘Introduction to the LBAP’
This provides a brief background to biodiversity in Pembrokeshire and the role of the Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership. It also includes information on the priority habitats and species in Pembrokeshire. Pembrokeshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan 2011

Volume 2: Biodiversity Action Plans for Pembrokeshire
This provides a status report for all priority habitats and species in Pembrokeshire, (where known). It also contains targets and actions for the generic, grouped habitat and species plans prepared so far. Lead organisations/individuals have been identified to implement the actions set out in the plans. The successful implementation of these actions will require the continuation of working in partnership with local communities, industry, commerce and individuals.

The action plans are only available in an electronic format as they are dynamic documents which will be amended periodically and contain reports on actions delivered. These plans are available to download from the UK Biodiversity Action Reporting System website (opens new window) .

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