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Leisure Centre Membership

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Title of Project: Leisure Centre Membership

What have we done?

We have introduced the use of the "Pembrokeshire Leisure Card" for leisure centres and we now have over 30,000 registered users across the County. All existing users and new members are issued with a Pembrokeshire Leisure identification card that must be presented each time the leisure centre or facility is used. The customer's details are logged on to the database and when the card is swiped at any Pembrokeshire Leisure Centre their details immediately appear on the screen. The system identifies any medical condition that staff should be aware of and shows if any courses or facilities have been pre paid for or booked. The system will identify an annual member and show if the membership is valid and what the member is entitled to.

What are we trying to achieve and why is it important?

We are trying to improve the service that we provide to Pembrokeshire Leisure members and users by making it a much more efficient way to book classes and facilities, and enabling users to use any Pembrokeshire Leisure facility across the county without having to register each time. The system also enables us to track use of the leisure centres and what is being used, which will help us to make decisions about what facilities, programmes and activities to extend and improve further. Finally the system also improves security at the leisure centres as we encourage all customers to register, carry and produce their card when using our facilities. Our staff are able to check identity against photographs that are stored on the system to ensure that the cards and facilities are not being misused.

How is it benefiting you?

The system enables you to use and book any Pembrokeshire Leisure facility across the County without having to register at each one separately. The system also allows easy booking of facilities over the telephone and monitors how many times you are using the facilities, which area /activity you are using at the leisure centres and most importantly allows us to communicate with you far more effectively. Newsletters and membership letters are just some examples of the fast and efficient way we can now reach you when we have some exciting news to tell you about new projects, classes and courses coming up.


The Gladstone Computerised system has been installed into our six main leisure centres and has helped us monitor and evaluate how successful the Pembrokeshire Leisure card has been since its launch. It is capable of categorising members' and users' data into specific target groups to aid us with our market research, management information, and marketing and development decisions. Through improved marketing techniques, new and refurbished facilities, customer care and staff training the memberships have grown considerably to over 3,500 annual members, 30,000 registered users and over one million visits per year being recorded. We have also found that customers who join as an annual member or pay by monthly direct debit use the facilities more regularly than our pay as you play customers therefore providing more health benefits by exercising more often.

ID: 10262 Revised: 9/10/2015