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Planning Policy

The Council has a statutory duty to prepare a ‘Development Plan’ for Pembrokeshire. This sets out future plans for the development and use of land within the county.

The Development Plan for Pembrokeshire is prepared by the Development Planning section of the Planning Division.

The objective of the Development Planning section is to provide a planning policy framework which:

  • guides future development and regeneration;
  • delivers sustainable development;
  • provides certainty for developers and local communities; and
  • mediates between competing demands.

Our service aims are:

  • To work with other sections of the Council to further integrate planning policy with economic development and transport policy, and with other council policies particularly the Community Plan.
  • To integrate local planning policy with national policies e.g. Planning Policy Wales and Wales Spatial Plan.
  • To engage with politicians, stakeholders and the public in the development and understanding of planning policy.
  • To produce accurate, properly researched, and timely plan and land use monitoring information.
  • To improve the delivery of the service to customers, through the implementation of e-planning initiatives, and working with Customer Contact Centre.

The Development Plan

The current adopted Development Plan is the Local Development Plan (LDP) , which was adopted by the Council on 28th February 2013.

ID: 4977 Revised: 9/4/2015